AI is a blessing for health care. When we are scared of an AI in such an arena if I say it’s a boon then of course I must explain how. In the Western world healthcare is good but the patient has to wait for days or months. While in my Country India, it’s immediate.  We just get admission and the next day the patient is operated on. In the West, there is a shortage of human resources. Many countries issue visas for medical and para-medical services with benefits attached. So AI can be a blessing in disguise for the West. Let’s analyze how.


In India, for various types of surgeries, doctors are already using robots. These surgeries are complicated like cancer, dental surgeries,  stone, spine, etc. These surgeries are affordable because of the use of robots by doctors.  It’s called robotic surgery.  India is now a medical hub because of its competitive price, availability of doctors, immediate care, and affordability.

If AI is brought in, in the medical field many lives can be saved as there will be immediate attention given to the patient. This will help even a person who is going through pain to get early relief. Nowadays there is much discussion on the new invention of an AI “eye”. If this EYE is introduced in the medical field then we do not require huge machines like X-rays and MRIs. This will save cost and also space. Especially in metro cities space crunch is always an issue. I understand that this EYE technology will give an instant cause of disease and doctors can treat patients fast. Many patients are scared of huge machines which catch their body in. So this issue of scare will also be resolved.


But with blessings, there are shortcomings too. The question arises when robotic surgery fails. Who is responsible for error done by robots? The hospital? The doctor who was in command of the robot? or the company which designed and activated software and algorithms?

Usually, if a surgery is done by a human being a certified licensed surgeon then of course he is liable. But in the case of robotic surgery malfunction maker of the robot company is responsible.

Certain fundamental laws are dictums about liability. But it needs to be codified. Certain resolutions are passed by the UN but it is in the nascent stage.


Use technology for the benefit of humankind. As such rockets and bombs are also technology but it’s for destruction. During surgery if the internet signal is lost who is responsible?

Well, human race is ready for AI?

Surgeries were done even in ancient India. Sushrut Samhita speaks of it.

Another question therefore arise is do we need AI?

All these questions will be answered with the passage of time.

But at present with whatever inventions are there in the market it’s a blessing to humankind

Shruti Desai

22nd June 2023

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